ETOC - Installation

If you are having issues installing/updating the app from Atlassian marketplace, you can upload it in the Atlassian Universal plugin manager using this link:


ExtracText OCR For Confluence is a standard Atlassian app and is available through the Atlassian marketplace . We highly recommend you to test it in your pre-production environment before installing on the production system. If you find any issues please contact us and we will gladly help resolve it. Due to the need to call native applications, the following platforms are tested:

  • Linux Redhat 7, 7.5 64 bit

  • Centos 7 64 bit

  • Ubuntu Server 14, 16 64 bit

  • Suse Linux Server 12 SP3 64 bit

  • Amazon Linux 2 64 bit



Windows users please note that you will need to first install Visual C++ redistributable 2015 if you do not have it installed already on your system. You can download and install from this location: . Without this the install will fail and the plugin will be disabled. After installing Visual C++ redistributable, reinstall the plugin. 

  • Windows Server 2016 64 bit

  • Windows 2012 R2 base 64 bit

  • Windows 2008 R2 base 64 bit


  • Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6

  • Mac OS Sierra


If you are on a older version of any of these Operating Systems or if you need to install on a 32-bit Linux system, chances are the plugin will not work. 

Please ensure you give enough memory allocated to your Confluence server. If during the time of installation of ExtracText, Confluence has less than 300MB of free memory, the installation will fail and the plugin will be disabled. You can however try enabling again after some time (assuming memory is freed by then or after increasing the memory allotted to Confluence).